Helping clients determine the best way to fund their retirement nest egg with the goal of having it convert into a sustainable source of retirement income is one of the most vital and sophisticated services agents provide.  During both the accumulation and distribution phase of a client’s portfolio, agents must balance diversification, rates of return, market performance and tax liabilities inside a client’s retirement savings.  One of the most fundamental requirements for an agent looking to provide this value, is a trusted partner that can align quality solutions to your clients’ retirement portfolio needs.

IAMS Understands the Irreplaceable Value of a Client’s Qualified Portfolio

Insurance Agency Marketing Services is precisely focused on supporting the agent.  One of the primary methods IAMS uses to provide this support to our agents is in the offering of life, annuity, and investment solutions.  These tools can build your client’s portfolio with the diverse assets needed to accumulate and distribute their retirement savings.

Most agents want to focus on solving their clients’ needs rather than becoming portfolio managers.  IAMS Wealth Management understands this, and our platform is designed to keep agents as “asset gatherers” and not portfolio managers.  We seek to partner with you to strengthen your ability to help clients with their “Core Dollars” (their qualified portfolio (401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, 403(b), etc) – and have solutions that will keep you adding value on their behalf.

After decades of working with our Agents and clients, we at IAMS understand that clients are looking for principled, quality investment options for their qualified plan dollars.  Clients know that their qualified funds and Social Security will likely comprise the bulk of their retirement income. Therefore, during both the accumulation and distribution phase, an investment solution must have the capability to simultaneously outpace inflation but also protect against significant downside risk.  In response to this, IAMS Wealth Management has built a proprietary investment platform specifically designed to accomplish those goals.

Our Investment Platform: Tactical Investing to Capture Upside and Minimize the Downside

Our investment platform allocates clients’ investment dollars to a core profile that can be tailored to individual’s risk tolerance. These core profiles, consisting of our Fixed Income and Domestic Equity strategies, are traded tactically, utilizing rules-based engines. This investment philosophy eliminates emotion from the trading process. IAMS Wealth Management uses historical data and algorithms that can help take advantage of market upswings and pull back into low-volatility investments when market trends appear weak.

While no investment strategy is flawless, we firmly believe in the importance of utilizing a consistent, unbiased investment plan, and this tactical, rules-based approach allows us to act on this conviction.  With this knowledge, you as the agent can confidently align your clients’ qualified portfolio dollars with IAMS Wealth Management’s investment platform.

Your Clients will ask about Fees – We have Your Answer

Apart from returns, your clients will probably be most concerned about fees.  What separates IAMS Wealth Management from many other investment firms is our commitment to transparency.  Our fees are designed to be competitive and straight-forward, with most clients having a 1.9% all-in fee which includes trading costs.  This highly competitive fee gives your clients access to tactically managed strategies that are systematically rebalanced by our portfolio managers.  We find the transparency and value of the IAMS Wealth Management platform demonstrates our ongoing commitment to supporting the agent.  Our agents may confidently assist their clients in building security and diversity in their qualified portfolio.

IAMS Wealth Management – Dedicated to DOL Compliance

The Department of Labor is considering certain regulatory changes that will require agents working with qualified dollars to adhere to the Best-Interest Contract Exemption (BICE).  However, the DOL only allows “financial institutions” (defined as banks, insurance companies, broker-dealers or registered investment advisers) to utilize BICE.

IAMS is vigilant in looking for opportunities to support our agents and enhance their value to clients.  In addition to offering a compelling solution to investing their qualified dollars, IAMS Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor you can place your business through and be confident you are compliant with the proposed DOL changes.

IAMS Wealth Management is committed to finding investment platforms that will give your clients the peace of mind they need with their most valuable financial asset; their qualified portfolio. Understanding how to build and manage a retirement nest egg is what sets our Agents apart – providing the platforms and products needed gives our Agents confidence in their recommendations, and security to the clients’ financial situation.

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