Picture this if you would, you get up and start your day just like you would
any other day. You make calls to schedule new annuity appointments,
you have your initial fact finding appointments, you have your closing
appointment, complete paperwork, deposit commission checks in the bank
etc, etc. Life is good! All of a sudden you hit a slump! You have little to no
appointments and none of your prospects are signing applications. It’s
stressful because you were on a roll but the bills must still be paid and the
next few weeks look pretty bleak.

IAMS can help you break out of that slump with one of our many annuity
alternative products designed to reposition lazy assets. Every agent that has
written an annuity has at least one client that can qualify. These products
are simple to issue with no exam and provide the following benefits they may
not enjoy with an existing annuity:


  • Up to 12% premium bonus
  • Up to 3% guaranteed interest

Up to 15% Commission for you

  • 25 year average rate of 5.7%
  • 100% return of premium available
  • Valuable long term and home health car benefits

With our uniquely designed marketing pieces, you’ll get the conversation
started and have your clients asking for more.

Call Mark at (800) 255-5055 for your free ice breaker marketing kit.

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