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Today is a great day to touch base with all of your indexed annuity clients!

Your clients are concerned about what’s happening in the market over the last week, and not sure how that might be effecting their annuity accounts.

This makes for a great opportunity to touch base with them. Remind them that their Annuity dollars are protected by guarantees and days like these are the very reason that you recommended this product to them.

Check to see if they have other funds that they may not have wanted to see exposed to the type of risk that the market has been displaying recently.

As we come up on the most active CD renewal month of the year, it is a great time to remind them that they can have the safety they are looking for, higher rates, tax deferral, and the ability to convert to income. Today gives you two great reasons to put your name in front of your clients in a very positive light!


Profitable Annuity Solutions

At IAMS our experience gives us the ability to understand what is important to you is important to us. Our sole mission to provide you with the most cutting edge products, superior case design and highest commission levels in the industry.

When you factor in our expert new business team and focused administration staff there is no better home for your annuity business.

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Whether you call us for sales support, case design, training academies, product information, forms and documents, or updates on your pending business we will answer the phone in less than three rings.

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If you are looking for a solution on a new life case or support on your pending life business, you can expect nothing but top rate service from our professional life department.

We have surrounded ourselves with some of the industry’s top carriers, but also staff that will help you with the most competitive quote based on your clients current needs and health qualification.