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Upcoming Webinars

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Participating Income There will always be a place for guaranteed income riders, but clients are sacrificing too much upside by not adding a splash of risk. Learn how your clients will gain a flood of income by taking advantage of today’s best new income riders.

These “uncapped” riders include:

Up to 2 times annual gains applied to income account
Uncapped death benefit features
Income that can increase after activation
4/26/201810:00am CDT1 hour
Baltimore Life SPL Portfolio If you are selling single premium life or have considered entering into the market you will not want to miss this webinar. Baltimore Life is truly the ideal product for your single premium life prospects. Join Gary Voith (from Baltimore Life) for this informative webinar.

We will discuss the Secure Solutions Single Premium Whole Life and Generation Legacy Products

• Learn the unique living benefits and features
• Who is a prospect
• Underwriting advantages - point of sale immediate decision
• How to transfer qualified funds to tax-free dollars
• Competitive commissions

If you sell annuities you must attend this webinar, you will never look at single premium life the same!
4/27/201810:00am CDT1 hour
The Free Withdrawal Sale4/30/201810:00am CDT1 hour