Park City, Utah


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Park City, Utah

Park City is well known for its ski slopes during the winter and filled with music, tons of outdoor activities, world-class food and drinks, and vibrant landscapes during the summer. Utah Olympic Park, to the north, hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and is now predominantly a training facility. In town, Historic Main Street lined with buildings built during a 19th-century silver mining boom, is now home to shops, art shows, music, live theater and more.

With its picturesque mountain terrain and even-keeled temperatures (it’s a dry climate, which means it’s never sticky or humid), Park City is a prime location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Park City offers prime access to loads of world-class mountain trails to hike or mountain bike on, depending on your preference. Many of the trails are built on or around ski runs, which means you get the same breathtaking views you would in winter, minus the frostbite.

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