Luma Technologies
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Research, compare, and purchase annuities all in one place.

IAMS + Luma: Redefining your annuity experience

We’re always working to keep your one-stop shop for doing business! To revolutionize the annuity sales journey for you and your clients, we’ve teamed up with Luma Financial Technologies. Through this partnership, you can access Luma’s annuity platform to submit orders and track your book of business after the sale.

The essentials are the same – easier, more accurate e-application submissions for faster processing and payment. Plus, access configuration and comparison technology that helps you research, compare, and optimize annuities, effortlessly presenting suitable client solutions.

Luma’s technology integrates directly with our Firelight experience to provide a seamless transition. Current in-progress applications will be transitioned over to the platform, and Firelight will launch directly from Luma for new orders.

Register here to get started now and give the Luma Support Team a call at 800-255-5055 for additional information.