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LinkedIn as a Prospecting Tool

The term “social media” is often thought to be interchangeable with Facebook. The association is for good reason. Facebook is arguably the most popular social platform out there and used by businesses across every industry imaginable. But that doesn’t mean it holds the most value. Advisors casting their nets for bigger fish would be wise…

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The Subtleties of Relationship Marketing

The relationship between you and the client is one of your most important assets. Focusing on loyalty and long-term engagement will almost always pay off more than “turn-and-burn,” sales-focused approaches. This is especially true today where consumers value experience, communication, and personality. Not only do they value these attributes, but they have also come to…


Overcoming Annuity Objections

Annuities can be a very important piece to your clients’ retirement puzzle. Terms life “tax-deferred” and “low-risk” should be music to the ears of anyone looking for the savings vehicle that will carry them into and through their golden years. But with numerous options available, annuities are as complex as a financial product can be.…


Key Provisions from the SECURE Act

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act into law. The SECURE Act marks the most significant overhaul to retirement policy in years. And with these changes, comes a need for many people to review, or even revise, their retirement plans. This presents multiple prospecting and marketing opportunities…