Running Real-Time Micro-Campaigns

In January, videogame retailer GameStop took over the news cycle when a group of online investors triggered a massive surge in the company’s stock value. The short squeeze saw a 1,500% rise in GameStop’s share price over a two-week period before dropping back down in recent days. Of course, that’s the short and simple version…

Ascend Logo Marketing Corner

Ascend Your Business in 2021

We’re two weeks removed from Ascend, IAMS’ first-ever virtual kick-off event. Looking back, we consider the event to be a great success and would like to thank everyone who made it possible. The presentations at Ascend covered a wide array of industry-relevant topics. Among the event’s main focal points was one we can all benefit…

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The Power of Emotional Marketing

February kicks off the Insure Your Love life insurance marketing campaign. Put together annually by non-profit organization Life Happens, Insure Your Love connects to sentiment surrounding Valentine’s Day in an effort to raise awareness about the value of life insurance products. Each year brings a new theme to the Insure Your Love campaign. Last year’s…

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Story-Driven Content Tips for Producers

Content marketing is a valuable and effective method of consumer engagement, outpacing the traditional strategies many businesses have come to rely upon. Research has shown the majority of internet users would rather learn about a product or service through content versus traditional (print, TV, radio) advertisements. Chances are, most of you are already engaged in…

The tail of a Whale diving

Going After Your Whales

While you may have a healthy book of clients, there are likely a few big prospects you have your eye on. Your whales. These are the prospects that could take your practice to the next level, either through career cases or high-value lifetime planning opportunities. Because of their stature and the difficult nature of converting…

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Selling Outside the Box

The last several months have taught us the value of adaptation. An unprecedented 2020 has ushered in an unpredictable 2021. Producers need to stay ahead of the curve and think outside of the box in order to maintain a steady book of business. Selling in our new landscape requires incorporating new ideas and tactics. How…

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Social Media Advertising in 2021

Social media never stands still. Internal changes, such as ad restrictions and revised targeting metrics, and shifts in user demographics can impact your social campaigns. To help you prioritize your 2021 social media marketing plan, we take a brief look at three of the most commonly used platforms and discuss the value each carries for…