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Should You Have an Instagram Page?

Instagram has become a star in the world of social media marketing. Once used primarily as an image-sharing platform, the platform has made great strides toward becoming a valuable tool for businesses. But is it right for your business? Instagram Vs. Facebook There are reasons many producers might prefer a platform like Facebook over Instagram.…

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Why You Should Start Podcasting

Podcasting is an often-overlooked brand awareness vehicle. Podcasts are of the most portable accessible forms of content available. People listen to them nearly everywhere they go – at home, the office, the gym, in the car. With podcast fans living in an estimated 50% of US homes, the opportunity is there to reach new consumers.…

Mature financial agent showing new investment to young couple. Happy financial advisor discussing with a couple their mortgage loan. Happy couple consulting their bank agent about savings plan.

Annuity Awareness Month 2021

June 1st marks the start of Annuity Awareness Month. IAMS has been working diligently to advocate for and provide education about the use of annuities as a sustainable retirement vehicle. Those efforts are beginning to pay off in a big way.  In conjunction with our partners at NAFA (the National Association for Fixed Annuities), IAMS…

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The Generational Marketing Shift

Content that resonates with your audience is one of the keys to successful marketing. The social media team at the AARP put this Marketing 101 lesson to use recently with a campaign that turned (or banged) a few heads. In early March, the organization took to social media to celebrate the 35th anniversary of “Master…