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Life Insurance Activity in 2021

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, life insurance activity in the U.S. continues to grow. According to a study published in March of this year by MIB Group, Year-over-Year activity in life insurance applications is up by +7.3% and Year-to-Date activity grew by +5.5%. These figures track with the growth the industry saw…


April is CD Replacement Month

April and October are traditionally known as CD replacement months, a designation that traces back to the October 19, 1987 “Black Monday” stock market crash. Investors, scrambling to protect their assets from the collapsing market, found safe harbor in Certificates of Deposit. The event left an impact that can still be felt decades later. As…


Facebook Special Ad Categories

The Facebook advertising platform is changing again. The latest move sees the social media giant usher in its newest ad classification – Facebook Special Ad Category. Ads that fall under any of these special categories are subject to additional restrictions. The most significant of these involve your audience targeting options. While in practice, placing a…


Twitter for Advisors

When it comes to social media marketing, most advisors gravitate toward Facebook and LinkedIn. And for good reason. Among the laundry list of social networks, these are arguably the most relevant options to our industry. But that doesn’t mean Facebook and LinkedIn are your only options. Once part of the “Big Three,” Twitter remains a…

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Complying with the New DOL Fiduciary Rule

The U.S. Department of Labor’s new “Fiduciary Rule” went into effect on Tuesday, February 16th. The “Improving Investment Advice for Worker & Retirees,” an exemption for investment advice fiduciaries, was published in the Federal Register in December 2020 and was not delayed by the Biden Administration. According to a press release from Deputy Assistant Secretary…


Running Real-Time Micro-Campaigns

In January, videogame retailer GameStop took over the news cycle when a group of online investors triggered a massive surge in the company’s stock value. The short squeeze saw a 1,500% rise in GameStop’s share price over a two-week period before dropping back down in recent days. Of course, that’s the short and simple version…

Ascend Logo Marketing Corner

Ascend Your Business in 2021

We’re two weeks removed from Ascend, IAMS’ first-ever virtual kick-off event. Looking back, we consider the event to be a great success and would like to thank everyone who made it possible. The presentations at Ascend covered a wide array of industry-relevant topics. Among the event’s main focal points was one we can all benefit…

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Story-Driven Content Tips for Producers

Content marketing is a valuable and effective method of consumer engagement, outpacing the traditional strategies many businesses have come to rely upon. Research has shown the majority of internet users would rather learn about a product or service through content versus traditional (print, TV, radio) advertisements. Chances are, most of you are already engaged in…