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Social Media Advertising in 2021

Social media never stands still. Internal changes, such as ad restrictions and revised targeting metrics, and shifts in user demographics can impact your social campaigns. To help you prioritize your 2021 social media marketing plan, we take a brief look at three of the most commonly used platforms and discuss the value each carries for…

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The 2021 COLA Increase

The Social Security Administration announced this week a 1.3% increase in cost-of-living benefits for 2021. The new COLA boost is the second-lowest in the program’s history. Recipients will only see an extra $20 a month on their benefit checks. In the middle of a pandemic that has put the financial security of millions at risk,…

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CARES Act Planning Opportunities

Earlier this year, President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This historic relief package allocates some two trillion dollars in aid to combat the economic impact of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.  Anticipating the Cost The Congressional Budget Office estimates the CARES Act will add $1.7 trillion to the federal…

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Protecting Retirees from Tax Scams

In mid-July, the IRS issued a bulletin warning people of multiple tax scams targeting taxpayers, especially retirees. The “Dirty Dozen” list outlines several scams that people should be looking out for. “Tax scams tend to rise during tax season or during times of crisis, and scam artists are using pandemic to try stealing money and…