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To take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts, IAMS, Inc. offers agents and advisors a wide range of digital resources and creative solutions. We can even provide you a custom marketing analysis with personalized recommendations to establish your goals and optimize your campaigns across channels. For details on how IAMS can enhance your marketing strategy and digital presence, get in touch with our team at (800) 255-5055 or

Unlock More Leads by Guiding Prospects Through the Social Security Maze!

Position yourself as a Social Security expert and gain recognition from clients and prospects. Educate potential clients, retain existing clients, build trust, earn new referrals, differentiate your services, and network with more prospects.


A done-for-you lead generation program

Safe Money Events is a done-for-you lead generation program for financial advisors looking to generate new leads and grow their business through dinner seminars and educational events. Our event-based platform provides a path for advisors to do what they do best. We have established ourselves as the leaders in high-converting seminar campaigns for the financial services space.


More prospects.
More clients. More referrals.

Decades of estate planning experience, plus years of software development combine to put a Comprehensive Estate Plan in your client’s hands in just a few minutes! Our system has dozens of customization features to allow you to craft a Comprehensive Estate Plan, written by attorneys but customized by you to fit your client’s needs. You can download your client’s complete plan in a matter of minutes after you finish the interview.


Get a consistent flow
of qualified prospects

The IAMS Sterling Appointment program gives you a consistent flow of qualified prospects with no upfront costs! Generate vetted virtual preset appointments with clients who want your services, including K-12 and University faculty and federal, state and local employees. Discover how this program can help you grow your business – space is limited, so click the button below to learn more or call 800-255-5055 today.


The IAMS Accelerate Program is your efficient connection-builder

One social media platform remains particularly useful for financial advisors. It’s not the biggest network, nor does it have the widest reach. What it does have is a target-rich environment, greater demographics for filtering, and a professional edge that separates it from other platforms. We are, of course, talking about LinkedIn.


Increase ROI and Boost Sales
with the PERA Preset Virtual Appointment Program

A PERA Appointment is an exclusive, virtual, pre-scheduled, 403b, 457, IRA and Life Insurance appointment with a public employee seeking a pension and retirement review. Note: Our definition of “exclusive” is that we make every attempt to ensure that only one agent receives the contact information for the client.


Become a Local Celebrity!

Retirement Boss Radio is an A-Z Turnkey Radio Show. Build your brand locally and get in front of more qualified prospects than you can handle to get your production over the top. Click below to learn more about our program.


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Expand your network with dynamic in-person and virtual seminars designed to position annuity and life insurance agents to become their prospects’ go-to subject matter experts on a variety of topics.

Preset Appointments

Fill your calendar with prospects from a variety of markets using these virtual appointment programs, all scheduled for you according to the availability you set.

Digital Annuity Prospects

Line up digitally sourced annuity prospects via these cutting-edge platforms that provide agents with streamlined access to qualified leads ripe for conversion at a variety of price points.

Digital Life Prospects

Unlock new opportunities with digitally sourced life insurance prospects, helping you connect efficiently with individuals seeking reliable coverage.

Niche Marketing

Target specialized markets like state and federal benefits and 401(k) plan owners with tailored strategies and resources curated to help agents stand out and effectively address the unique needs of these target audiences.

Software Solutions

Enhance your productivity while educating clients with these innovative planning and illustration software options.

Direct Mail

Tried-and-true targeted direct mail campaigns can engage potential clients and drive new conversions using proven messaging and best practices for maximum impact.

Content and Marketing Automation

Optimize your outreach efforts and save time with sophisticated content and marketing automation tools, empowering you to deliver personalized messages to clients and prospects at scale.

Live Transfer Prospecting

Boost immediate engagement and conversions by speaking directly with highly vetted potential clients who are already interested in the services you offer.

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