Single Premium Life Strategies

Single premium life is the perfect solution for clients looking to shelter assets with an ultimate objective of transferring wealth. With its simple issue, accelerated benefits and tax favorable treatment, clients can enjoy the safety and liquidity they seek in their golden years.

Today’s single premium life products differ tremendously than the products of old in that many offer first-year bonuses, return of premium features and indexed linked returns.

More often than not these products are offered as an annuity alternative providing tax deferral, safety of principal and speed of issue with no exams. In addition, they provide accelerated benefits for terminal illness, long-term care or home health care with a tax-free wealth transfer to the next generation.

If you have clients with assets they don’t plan to “live on” but rather “leave on”, a single premium life product may be the right solution. With our diverse portfolio of products, we are confident we can help place your most difficult single premium life cases.

For those new to selling single premium life products, check out our SPL Sales Tips to get started.

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