Matthew Tooher, CLU

Vice President, Annuity Sales Director

I joined the IAMS team in 1994 specializing in the annuity marketplace. I have a wife Jean and three great kids including twin boys that can be a handful.  We just adopted a dog from the pound and Lola has been a great addition to the family.

What Makes me Valuable to Our Agents: I’ve been involved in the annuity and life fields of business since 1991. My strong background helping agents with financial planning for clients means I’m able to quickly find the right plan for your next prospect.  I can run income or accumulation quotes for your clients and find the best solutions for your prospects.

Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned About Money: The best way to get ahead financially is to earn interest and not pay interest. Thus pay your bills off every month and don’t buy anything you can’t pay off in the next thirty days.

Favorite Movie: Caddyshack — I spent 8 great summers living the life of a caddie and paid for high school and college with the earnings.

Favorite TV Shows: WKRP in Cincinnati and Seinfeld.

Favorite Vacation: The Orange Bowl in 1995. We drove 26 hours to Miami with four friends in a van and had a great time on South Beach. Nebraska did beat Miami in the game so it was worth the long drive.

College: I went to the University of Kansas and majored in Business.