Each month IAMS sponsors a series of webinars designed to help you build your business. For your convenience, we’ve listed them here along with a registration link for each webinar.
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Upcoming Webinars

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401k/IRA Rollovers Join Dave Pimper with Lazarus Coaching for his newest and most timely topic! Discover the huge potential in working with 401k and IRA rollover money.

Topics for discussion:

- Age, demographics and the perfect market
- Specific rules and regulations
- Inherited beneficiaries, RMDs, in-service transfers
- How seminars support success

The public is unaware of the pitfalls of rollovers and this webinar will help you maximize the retirement strategy for all of your clients.
10/23/201810:00am CDT1 hour
IRA Annuities IRA Season is in full swing and your clients are looking for safe investments with great returns. Annuities with high bonuses and flexible premium options are an excellent choice for these clients.

IAMS offers many different plans for IRAs and choices that start as low as $100 per month with only $100 to start the policy. Join us for Wednesday's webinar to learn more about our IRA Product Portfolio.

We will also discuss great options for ongoing premium bonuses and commissions including reviewing bonus opportunities up to $5,000.
10/24/201810:00am CDT1 hour
Increasing Income Options There will always be a place for guaranteed income riders, but clients are sacrificing too much upside by not adding a splash of risk. Learn how your clients will gain a flood of income by taking advantage of today’s best new income riders.

These “uncapped” riders include:

Up to 2 times annual gains applied to income account
Uncapped death benefit features
Income that can increase after activation
10/25/201810:00am CDT1 hour
IAMS Life Quoting Tools Join me for an in-depth look into everything IAMS will offer to our advisors online. The financial sales environment is fast-paced, ever-changing and not always convenient for the sales rep.

We will go over how to run quotes, pull forms, as well as our great resource library that houses a number of useful tools for both you and your clients!
10/29/201810:00am CDT1 hour