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BNP Paribas Index Partner Report Please join Athene's Grant Smith and Skyler Ellerbach to get an inside look from our index partner experts at BNP Paribas. They’ll share information about powerful technology that could be the savings growth generator your clients are looking for. Discover how this diversified index could help more of your clients see the growth and reduced risk they’re after.

Join us to learn about the:
• Story behind the BNP MAD 5 Index and how its multi-asset diversification helps generate returns in all types of market environments.
• Diverse components, dynamic allocation, and daily volatility control that help drive its success
• Helpful marketing resources available for financial professionals with guidance to help you understand this index
9/16/202110:00am CDT1 hour
Closing secrets from a $100mm advisor Transitioning to a hybrid appointment model and running virtual and face-to-face meetings isn’t easy; what you say and the questions you ask both have an impact on your closing ratio. Join us as IAMS' Curtis Hawks, CMO, EVP interviews a top producer who gathered $102 million of new assets in 2020 and has already done $80 million in 2021.

Topics covered:
• Best practices for running virtual vs. face-to-face appointments
• How to establish rapport and trust in a first appointment
• Setting the stage for the second appointment
• How to tap into one of the largest pools of millionaires in the country
9/17/202110:00am CDT1 hour
Long-term care and asset-based LTCi: Solutions for a growing need Join us as OneAmerica Regional Sales Director Brent DeGroot highlights the five unique advantages of OneAmerica's Asset-Based LTC plans.

Unlike other hybrid carriers or chronic illness riders on life insurance, OneAmerica prides itself on offering:

• Only joint-second-to-die life-based LTC plan on the market today
• Lifetime coverage with affordable, guaranteed premiums
• Funding options including Qualified money & 1035x of NQ annuities
• Annuity-based solutions written to age 85 with simplified underwriting
• 30 years of marketing experience in the Hybrid LTCi market

In addition, Brent will cover two case studies that highlight the above advantages. If you've ever wondered how to solve the LTC puzzle and complete your client's retirement plan, look no further.
9/20/202110:00am CDT1 hour
Retirement Boss Radio Build your brand locally and get in front of more QUALIFIED set appointments than you can handle to put your production over the top!9/21/202110:00am CDT1 hour
Nassau Re Growth Annuity Introduction Please join me and Nassau's Jake Quagliaroli for an in-depth analysis of Nassau Re’s Growth Annuity. This product offers your clients the industry’s top accumulation model in the marketplace, with or without multiple income options; the choice is theirs. Great news: it became available for sale in California on Monday, Aug. 2.

This product also features:
• 10% free withdrawal
• Up to 145% participation rates*
• ROP - Death Benefit
• Issue ages to 85
• Nassau Elite Program
• Nassau’s Top Producers trip to Key Largo

*with a fee
9/22/202110:00am CDT1 hour
Social Security Claiming Guide Want to learn more about maximizing your clients' Social Security benefits?9/24/202110:00am CDT1 hour