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Videoconferencing With Zoom

Staying connected with clients while social distancing rules are in place doesn’t have to be as challenging as it might seem. There are several digital conferencing platforms available that allow for real-time videoconferencing. One of those services – Zoom – has become by far the most widely used over the last month. Employed by everyone…

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VIDEO: Submitting Business Digitally

Social distancing and “Safer at Home” orders have changed the way we do business. At the same time, the current situation has made the role advisors and agents play in their clients’ lives more crucial than ever. Market volatility has many concerned over their long-term financial wellbeing and retirement accounts. The cause of that volatility,…

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VIDEO: Conducting Business Virtually

We are in extraordinary times. With extreme (but necessary) preventative measures in place due to the coronavirus outbreak, doing business and marketing can be challenging for financial professionals. People will still need financial solutions as we all collectively weather the storm. Given what has happened to the markets over the last three weeks, more and…

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Doing Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the novel coronavirus now reaching pandemic levels, financial professionals may be wondering how to conduct their business and marketing. Because so much of a financial advisor’s strength in selling relies on trust conveyed through in-person meetings, the preventative steps suggested to combat coronavirus spread (that is, avoiding large groups of people) can, at first…

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The Value of Video Marketing

The value of incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy cannot be understated. No matter the platform, video outperforms every other advertising medium by a longshot. The answer to why video marketing is so effective can be summarized in one word – psychology. Televised messages have become commonplace. We tend to look for those connections…

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LinkedIn as a Prospecting Tool

The term “social media” is often thought to be interchangeable with Facebook. The association is for good reason. Facebook is arguably the most popular social platform out there and used by businesses across every industry imaginable. But that doesn’t mean it holds the most value. Advisors casting their nets for bigger fish would be wise…


Key Provisions from the SECURE Act

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act into law. The SECURE Act marks the most significant overhaul to retirement policy in years. And with these changes, comes a need for many people to review, or even revise, their retirement plans. This presents multiple prospecting and marketing opportunities…