Sales Ideas

New Year, New Ideas

The last few years have taught us the value of adaptation. Inflation, rising interest rates by the Fed and market volatility have all forced producers to stay ahead of the curve and think outside of the box to maintain a steady book of business. Selling in this landscape requires incorporating new ideas and tactics. As…

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We’re Just Getting Started

The Ascend 2024 Virtual Kickoff may be over, but here at IAMS, we’re just getting started. The event brought some of the top experts in the financial industry together in one place. We consider Ascend to be a great success and would like to thank everyone who made it possible. The presentations at Ascend covered…

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Exploring Behavioral Finance Bias

Selling financial products and services can be challenging. The process of turning a newly identified lead into a loyal client involves multiple factors. Everything from your initial marketing touches to the way you come across during personal interactions can, and will, influence the consumer’s final decision. One of the biggest factors at play here is…

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Reach the Top at Ascend 2024

We’re only a few days out from IAMS’ fourth annual virtual kick-off event! Ascend 2024 brings together some of the best minds in the financial services space and covers industry news, marketing strategies, sales concepts, and much more. Last week’s Marketing Corner introduced you to this year’s featured speakers. These three industry leaders – “The…

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Staying Top-of-Mind: The Role of Drip Campaigns in Your Marketing Strategy

Maintaining a consistent presence in the minds of prospects and clients is paramount to running a successful business. Drip campaigns – automated email sequences strategically designed to nurture leads and guide consumers through the sales funnel – have proven to be a potent tool for financial advisors. Understanding Drip Campaigns Drip campaigns involve sending a…


Are You Ready for 2024?

The effort you put in at the end of one year can have a significant impact on how you start the next. This is a good time for settling accounts, getting your books in order, and conducting holiday marketing activities. But what are you doing to prepare for the beginning of the new year? While…

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Marketing Trends for 2024

Marketing and how we do business are always evolving. This has been especially true over the last few years. As we move into a new year, we need to look at embracing new tactics, or revisiting older methods that have become viable again. For agents and advisors specifically, there are a few trends and tactics…

Targeted grassroots marketing

Marketing Outside the Box

When you think of the different marketing/advertising methods at your disposal, what comes immediately to mind? Digital and print ads? Commercial spots with your local TV and radio stations? Social media? All of the above are effective ways of getting your brand out there to your target market, but they also exist in a very…